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Holiyear CEO and Founder, Share' Lindsay, posing in front of a fully decorated Christmas tree.

Meet The CEO!

Share' Lindsay is the CEO and Founder of Holiyear by AkaSharzie Enterprises LLC. She values kindness, positivity, happiness, inclusion, culture, knowledge, beauty, peace, love, family, and art. She attempts to include all of her values in everything she does. She is an optimistic realist and a visionary, who rarely fails to reach her many goals regardless of how long it takes. Holiyear is the first of many ventures share' plans to explore with Akasharzie Enterprises.

"It's not just a brand, it's a lifestyle. Holiyear is deeper than just holiday ornaments. The premise of Holiyear is to encourage everyone to live life as if every day is a holiday."

Share' created Holiyear at 21 years old during a time where many people were having trouble being happy and staying busy, including her. It was also a time where the world was facing lots of division and turmoil. Share' realized that the world needed something that could bring peace and joy and something that everyone could be a part of year-round. When many people think of the holidays, they tend to think of the days surrounding Christmas and it tends to bring feelings of joy, peace, and nostalgia. The problem is that some don't have all year to wait for those feelings. Share' created Holiyear as a personal mission to alter people's perspectives on life and the holidays, encouraging everyone to look at the bigger picture and not just a small portion of what they have been conditioned to feel is an acceptable time to feel joy. 

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Why wait for the holidays, when you can have a Holiyear!

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